I debated posting this, but the theme is getting outdated so I thought I’d give it a “gogh.” The scenario needs explaining. I was cautioned by friends that Oprah saying “Who Dat” would give this picture racial overtones. But “Who Dat” is the New Orleans Saints’ trademark that fans chanted throughout Superbowl (“Who Dat, Who Dat” ) and t-shirts sold like hotcakes motivating the Saints’ owners to pursue a “Who Dat” trademark! My picture depicts Leno, Oprah and Letterman, during one of the top commercials aired on Superbowl XLIV, seated on a couch in this same order . Leno dropped into the commercial as a big surprise since his Tonight Show is a network competitor of the Letterman Late Show. (That’s why the NBC Peacock is looking miffed). Conan O’Brien was just given about $40 million to leave the Tonight show and give it back to its original host, Jay Leno, making him the “Biggest Loser” (named for the popular weight loss reality show) who lost the Tonight show but won the money! I wouldn’t have to explain any of this if everyone knew of the controversial Tonight Show switch, saw the Superbowl game with Leno, Oprah and Letterman on the couch, and understood that “Who Dat” was a term of endearment meant specifically for the New Orleans Saints who were the Big Winners of the Superbowl. (Phew!Cartoons shouldn’t have to be explained).

Superbowl XLIV Commercial

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